As a Members Club we have four main committees that oversee the major decisions and workings of the club. Each committee has a specific role and each has its own Chairman and elected members:

Council of Management - Responsible for the overall financial decisions of the Club and Limited company that operates Girton Golf Club, whilst also overseeing all staff and management decisions.

Greens Committee - Responsible for the overall improvements and long term view of the course. The Greens Committee also responds to issues on the golf course reported to them by members.

Members Liaison - Responsible for all members matters, competitions, and issues that arise affecting a members enjoyment and experience at Girton

Clubhouse Bar & Catering - Responsible for the upkeep, improvements and renovations of the clubhouse and surrounds as well as working with Bar and Catering staff to ensure members are kept happy with the service.

If you have cause to contact any of these committees please do so via the Club Secretary 

Council of Management

Chairman - John Fuller 

Elected Members
Glenn Grint
Hugh Carlisle 
Michael Douglas
Stuart Spink
Alan Henderson-Smith
Chris Cornwell 

The Club President, Gents and Ladies Captains also attend these meetings. 

Greens Committee

Chairman - Alan Benton 

Elected Members 
Lindsey Green 
Andrew Goldsborough
Neil Cowie 

The Head Green Keeper attends this committee as well as Hugh Carlisle on behalf of the Council of Management. 

Members Liason

Chairman - Barbara Laman 

Elected Members
David Upchurch (Junior Organiser)
Craig Russell (Competitions Secretary)
Geoff McCall

Chris Cornwell acts as Council of Management Liaison, Jo McEvoy (Club Secretary), Sam Beckett (Head Pro) and the current Ladies and Men's Captain also sit on this committee.

Clubhouse Committee

Chair - Mark Lawton

Elected Member - Veronica McGrath 
John Creighton, Vice Captain 
Eileen Webster, Vice-Captain 

Alan Henderson-Smith is representative from Council of Management along with Nick Cooke, Deputy Bar Manager and Jo McEvoy, Club Secretary. 

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