Club Members and their guests are asked to respect the dress code of the club, both on and off the course. Ladies and Gentlemen are required to wear only recognised golf clothing, including golf shoes, on the course and practice ground.Smart casual attire (including denim wear) is acceptable in the Clubhouse at all times other than for formal functions when the dress code will be clearly stated in advance. 

The Club Steward has the authority to ask anyone to leave the Clubhouse if they do not consider the person to be dressed appropriately. 

More specifically:

Tracksuits, t-shirts and vests, swimming or football shorts, football socks, numbered shirts, including football shirts or similar are NOT acceptable on the course or in the Clubhouse. 

Tailored shorts may be worn in all areas of the course and Clubhouse but should NOT be worn in the main lounge or dining room after 20.00. 

Smart and clean trainers are acceptable in the Clubhouse and may, in exceptional circumstances, be used in the course but only with the express permission of the Club Professional.

Denim wear, if smart and clean, may be worn in the Clubhouse but NOT on the course. 

No hats to be worn in the Clubhouse.

Golf shoes must not be worn in either of the Bars or the Dining Room. 

Additionally, please note that mobile phones should not be used on the course or in the Clubhouse (other than for medical emergencies).

If in any doubt, please consult the Club Steward or Professional. 

Thank you for your co-operation. 


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